Enabling Dispace to take their innovative approach to creating co-working space to the next level!

Support Outcomes

Clarification of the business opportunity and routes to market through 1:1 business coaching & mentoring
Development of a clear sales & marketing strategy from tailored workshops
Speaker opportunity and connecting with like-minded people at networking events
Business acceleration by participating in a select programme for fast growth companies

What is Dispace ?

The brainchild of Ross Cox and Paul Gordon, Dispace is a place to work, a way to connect, and a community with benefits, all now available through a FREE membership.

The UK remote working population is exponentially growing, with over 3 million freelancers and homeworkers, and a further glut of mobile employees.

The Dispace mission is to deliver inspiring working environments that are as flexible as the modern worker, providing connectivity, community, and support by rethinking existing space, accessible wherever and whenever the need arises.

There's no need to just be a lone coffee shop worker, when you can be a part of a bustling group of professionals, wherever you lay your laptop. Joining Dispace means that you can connect with the critical assets you need to succeed: facilities, people and resources.

What are the next steps for Dispace?

Dispace is now completely free. That means access to all their ‘worker friendly’ venues across the UK and all the exclusive discounts they’ve agreed for members in each, as well as super cheap meeting space by the hour.

They’ll be running weekly co-working clubs in each of their cities, free for members and for non-members to try out – rid yourself of the isolation and distraction of homeworking and be around your fellow agile professionals

They’re also building some really neat stuff to help the modern, mobile worker with every aspect of their working life. Your community can help Dispace shape the answer by becoming 'super users'.

The things they’re currently building include:

  • The tools and resources you need to work – all the best cloud based services accessed through Dispace
  • A platform that helps their users find customers and suppliers, supporting the whole process from engagement to contracting, fulfilment of work to payment and endorsement

Where can you find Dispace?

Dispace find spaces across the UK for you to work from and hold meetings.

Their inspiring worker friendly environments provided by their hospitality partners, also offer exclusive discounts on room hire and services within the venue. From meeting rooms accessible by the hour, to discounted coffee and hotel rooms.

Spaces are already available in Nottingham, Leicester, Leeds, Derby and Birmingham

With Rugby, Lincoln, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Sheffield, Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle & Edinburgh to follow very soon!

How do you use Dispace?

It’s simple, you just register your details for their free membership

Then as a member you are entitled to work from any of their venues and begin building your profile within their online community, so you can choose to work independently or co-work with other members for that extra level of productivity you don’t get working alone.

Dispace and The Big House

Dispace have actively participated in The Big House programme from the get-go, by receiving coaching and mentoring from business experts, attending tailored workshops to extend their skills and networking with like-minded people to share their ideas and get constructive feedback.

Dispace were also part of small group of talented digital founders and entrepreneurs in Derbyshire, that were selected for The Big House Accelerator Programme, a fast-track programme run by Nottingham Business School, dedicated to accelerating the growth of tech SMEs.

Ross Cox has been a key speaker at a Big House Creatives' Club networking event where he addressed a packed room on the topic of The Future of Work!

For more information, visit the Dispace website or email them at hazel.rippin@dispace.co

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