Video Tutorial Series: Business Strategy Tools

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A series of video tutorials from facilitator and executive coach Steve Hobbs, teaching your how to use and implement key strategy tools for your business.

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A Big House tutorial series supported by Creative Quarter & delivered by Steve Hobbs from Asking Better Questions.

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Setting up a new business or trying out a new product can be daunting. Watch our video tutorial series with Business Consultant Steve Hobbs, covering the tools you need to plan properly and minimise risk. These are free to access in your own time.


Whether you are creating something from scratch or want to develop a new offer in your business come and learn a process that will help you make sense of your ideas and enable you to test them quickly, reducing your risk.

The Value Proposition Canvas (VPC) is a tool which that helps you ensure that your product or service fits with what the customer values and needs. Use it to discover what they will actually pay for.

Watch and learn

- How the VPC works to better understand what your customer values

- How the VPC enables you to test the fit with your offer (or value proposition)

- Key insights, advice and tips on using the VPC in your wider strategy and business discussions or drives your research and testing


The Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a tool that helps you ensure that your business model will deliver what the customer values and needs. Use it to create a business that gives customers what they will actually pay for.

Watch and learn:

- How the BMC works to help you better understand the options you have in delivering what you customer values

- How the BMC enables you to test your ideas to adapt and improve your model over time

- Key insights, advice and tips on using the BMC in your wider strategy and business discussions or drives your research and testing


Got ideas for your business and not sure whether they will work? Learn how to take your thinking and test your ideas in a quick, rigorous and structured way leading to better choices and reduced risk.

Traditional business planning relies heavily on ‘market research’ to provide evidence of the need for your product or service. It’s still true that without a market, your product or service won’t make money. In our fast-changing world, the challenge is how to test your thinking – your assumptions – in a quick, effective way to give you the evidence to move from thinking into doing as quickly and as risk-free as possible. This experimentation approach is designed to do just that.

Experimentation tools help you identify what needs to be tested, provides a methodology for doing that quickly and effectively and enables rapid adaptation leading to action. These approaches are a natural fit with the Value Proposition Canvas and the Business Model Canvas; they can also be used in a standalone situation where you aren’t sure what to do when you have a number of options you could choose and you’re not sure which is right.

Watch and learn:

- How to rapidly identify your ideas and assumptions that need testing

- Approaches to designing tests that can be quickly undertaken and provide robust results that you can use to make better choices

- Key insights, advice and tips on using experimentation in your wider strategy and business discussions


This workshop will be facilitated by Steve Hobbs from Ask Better Questions Ltd. Steve is an experienced business owner and employer, leader and manager. The tools of his trade are questions. The aim is to ask better questions…Ones that promote thought, challenge assumptions, clarify ideas, enable decision making, inspire action.

Steve says that "There has been time to observe those around me lead, manage, plan and execute. What have I learned? Leaders who focus on the ‘Why', then the ‘How' and finally the ‘What' create teams and organisations that get things done."


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This project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund 2014 - 2022

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Thursday 29th July 2021

0:00am - 23:59pm GMT

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