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Events & Workshops

Workshops & networking events

The Big House offers a wide range of free events and workshops specifically designed to meet the needs of Creative and Digital businesses. Once enrolled in the programme, you are welcome to attend any of the events run by the Partner organisations.

Help for creative SMEs at any point in their journey


Have a great commercial idea but have not yet started up a business


You have been trading less than 12 months, so are in the early stages of developing your business


You have been trading more than 12 months and want to start to grow and maybe expand your business


You have been trading for over 5 years, have a number of employees and are looking for specific support to evolve the business further

Mentoring & Guidance

Expert advice from The Big House partners

Once you have joined the Big House we will match you with the best partner organisation to support your business.

Business Diagnostics

To plan out you’re the best support package for you, we always conduct an initial Business Diagnostic. This is a 1:1 consultation with an experienced Business Advisor, who will explore your current situation in some detail and invite you to talk about what you would like to achieve from participating in The Big House programme. Together you will then draw up an Action Plan that will provide you with a route map to set you on your way. This plan can of course be modified further into the programme should your requirements change.

Networking Events

We offer regular Networking events that will enable you to pick up some useful tips from speakers who are experienced in running a business in the CDI sector or are able to offer some expert advice relevant to the sector. These networking events enable you to meet and exchange experiences and ideas with like-minded people in the same sector and to make useful contacts who could assist you in moving your business forward.

They are also an opportunity to develop a peer group that you will be able to stay in contact with after the programme has been completed.


The Big House programme offers a number of workshops on both general business topics of relevance to Creative and Digital businesses and on specific topics of interest to those in a particular creative or digital field.

These interactive workshops are delivered in lively and interesting ways and provide plenty of opportunity to try out new skills and apply new knowledge to your own business supported by an expert on the topic.

Often these workshops take the form of a series of sessions that you are welcome attend in their entirety or pick and mix according to your interests and needs.

1:1 Coaching and Mentoring

In addition to group sessions, you are also able to access 1:1 professional support through the Big House Programme.

If this type of support would be of value, we are able to match you with a coach or mentor who has the appropriate experience to help and advise you on any particular course of action that you would like to pursue. They can also help you to sound out new ideas, explore whether they are likely to be successful and identify the resources you might need to take them forward.

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring can also support you in dealing with some of the challenges you might come across as your business develops and help you to identify ways to overcome these.


Business Development Grants

If you are already trading and your business could benefit from some financial support, there is grant funding is available for both professional services and capital equipment. You will just need to provide a business case for the investment and either NTU or NBV will be able to guide you through the application process.

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