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Help for creative SMEs at any point in their journey


You have a great commercial idea but have not yet started up a business


You have been trading less than 12 months, so are in the early stages of developing your business


You have been trading more than 12 months and want to start to grow and maybe expand your business


You have been trading for over 5 years, have a number of employees and are looking for specific support to evolve the business further

Events & Workshops

Workshops & networking events

The Big House offers a wide range of free events and workshops specifically designed to meet the needs of Creative and Digital businesses. Once enrolled in the programme, you are welcome to attend any of the events run by the Partner organisations.

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“Having a small business is not just about what you make or sell or service you offer. You have to be a photographer, web designer and social media expert nowadays! I struggled with this and the support offered by the Big House is invaluable. I have gained knowledge, contacts and confidence through this scheme and it’s also free so if I was you, I would get in touch with them and see how they can help. Thank you to The Big House and all the partner agencies for the fantastic work you do!”

Gul Bains-Khosa - Owner,


Business Development Grants

If you are already trading and your business could benefit from some financial support, there is grant funding is available for both professional services and capital equipment. You will just need to provide a business case for the investment and either NTU or NBV will be able to guide you through the application process.

Latest news from The Big House

Arts Council England is introducing 'The Digital Culture Network'

ACE helping organisations get the right advice on digital technology with 'The Digital Culture Network'.

Updated Mon 04 Feb 2019

'My business my way' - A toolkit for helping female entrepreneurs build their success

A game changing toolkit to support female entrepreneurs in building their businesses launches on 17 Jan

Updated Tue 15 Jan 2019

Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire businesses selected for fast-track programme to accelerate growth

Digital founders and entrepreneurs selected for a programme to accelerate the growth of tech SMEs.

Updated Fri 04 Jan 2019

Business Showcases

Helping CRZyBest to push the boundaries of innovation in bridal accessories

Enabling Dispace to take their innovative approach to creating co-working space to the next level!

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