Registration for the Evolve Programme 2021 is now open

If this year has made you want to follow your own career path, we can help.

The world of work looks very different today to how it did 9 months ago. If you're about to move into the world of work and you don't know what your next steps should be, we can help connect you with opportunities to harness your own potential and be in charge of your own destiny.

The Big House Evolve programme is a FREE support programme offering people the opportunity to learn the tools needed to get ahead in business. Whether you want to brush up on your marketing skills, or get help with starting out on the road to becoming self-employed, we can help with our dedicated 12-hour package of free support.

Who can sign up to Evolve?

Anyone in the Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire area who has started up a Creative or Digital business but wants to help to grow can sign up for the programme. If you're interested in improving your marketing strategy, selling online or need help figuring out your long-term business plan, we can help.

What's included in the 12 hours of support?

First up, you'll be invited to attend an informal chat on Zoom in January 2021 with Charlotte, our Business Engagement Manager to discuss your situation, and what you hope to gain from the programme.

Following this meeting, and based on your needs, we'll then put together a bespoke package of online workshops and one-to-one mentoring to help get you on the right track, and ready to make your next step.

Interested? Sign up by filling in our EVOLVE form here.

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