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19th May, Derby Theatre, 2.30pm- 6pm

The Difference Engine is Talking Birds' portable and low-cost tool which puts access into people's pockets: sending captions and/or audio description to audience members' mobile devices (smart phones/tablets) via the Difference Engine App.Run by Talking Birds, this session is aimed at artists and companies wanting to caption their performances, and will include: 

· A demonstration of how the Difference Engine operating system and App work 

· Practical exercises on editing your own scripts for captioning, ready to import to the system 

· Tips on promotion/marketing and front of house support for D/deaf audiences 

· An opportunity to attend a performance of Coconut, captioned using the Difference Engine

For more info about the Difference Engine go to:

Discounted Tickets will be available for Coconut to see how the difference engine works during a show.

This workshop is presented by The Big House. Big House is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is aimed at developing your company as a business. We help you develop new audiences, identify funding opportunities, boost your profile with venues and develop your company into a sustainable business.

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Saturday 19th May 2018

14:30pm - 18:00pm GMT

Derby Theatre,
Theatre Walk, St Peter’s Quarter,
England, DE1 2NF, United Kingdom

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