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We bring our Creatives' Club to Accelerate Places with Neil Rostance from Fat Free Media plus advice desk with industry expert

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A space to connect, network, forge relationships, hatch plans, collaborate, skill share, be curious, ask questions and discuss all things entrepreneurship, business, and beyond.


The Creative Compass : How to Have Good Ideas on Demand

with Neil Rostance, Fat Free Media

The journey we take when coming up with ideas is rarely a simple one. Often we discover ideas in a quick flash of inspiration, or after a gruelling and demoralising grind full of creative dead ends.

As children, we are all creative. Children are instinctively driven to make, think, imagine. As we grow older, we lose touch with these instincts. As creative thinking is a more critical skill than ever before, how do we come up with great ideas when we're working on a deadline? What do we do when we can't wait for inspiration? We need a method to come up with ideas on demand.

Our guest speaker Neil Rostance, Partner & Head of Creative at creative video agency Fat Free Media believes that everyone has a creative brain even if they think they don't. In this talk, we'll discover the ideation methods used with his team. We'll explore the "Creative Compass method", and how remarkable ideas can be discovered on demand, even when the clock is ticking.

For over 12 years, Neil has lead a creative team of animators, filmmakers and illustrators at Fat Free, creating video campaigns for brands such as Center Parcs, Toyota and the University of Nottingham. If there's one thing Neil has learned in that time, is that the creative brain is a muscle that can be trained and strengthened with the right mindset and methods.

In this session we'll explore:

- Why the education system stifled your creative instincts

- Step-by-step guide on how to come up with great ideas, every time

- The mindset needed to face any creative challenge

- The stages that technology helps, and when it gets in the way

- How to navigate creative dead ends

- Practical creative techniques to work on your own, or in a group

There will also be a business advice desk run by Distinction.

Distinction, have been helping all sorts of organisations build their brands through a range of digital products and services for the last 17 years.

They're an experienced bunch of strategists, marketers, creatives, technologists and planners who love taking a collaborative approach to working with clients to help them accelerate their growth.

Grab some invaluable time to ask those all important questions face-to-face about creating content. The team on hand will be able to answer your questions on:

- How to be creative with your content

- How to research ‘what’ to write about

- How to create content for different channels (social, voice, SEO)


Meet like-minded people in a friendly environment, enjoy a drink and some food. Have real conversations, meet your future business partner or customer. Whilst you’re here we’ll introduce you to all the free business courses, talks and workshops on offer to you, here in Nottingham as part of The Big House programme.


Accelerate Places offer coworking and private offices to start-up or scale-up in Nottingham. They have a community of ambitious enterprises, bringing together the people, services and opportunities needed to grow your business. Accelerate Places have very kindly donated their space to us for this Creatives' Club.


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This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund 2014 - 2020

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Thursday 21st February 2019

17:00pm - 20:00pm GMT

The Poynt
45 Wollaton St
, NG1 5FW, United Kingdom

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