Dan Lamoon's Colab Creation improved conversions with support from NTU and The Big House

Dan Lamoon set up his own business 18 months ago and has recently opened an office in Nottingham, in addition to another site in Leicester. He has also started to employ full-time members of staff. He looked to the Elevator series of workshops to make sure he was investing in the right areas of the business.

Support Outcomes

Specialist mentors gave access to insights and improved business planning
Improved sales process and 40% increase on conversion rate
Improved problem solving and team building

His company, Colab Creation, creates promotional videos for firms and also works with educators to create training videos for various distance learning courses.

Dan said: “The business has recently undergone quite a lot of growth and I really wanted to make sure I was investing and focusing on the right areas to expand the business.”

He signed up to the Elevator series of workshops, run by Nottingham Business School for the Big House programme, which he heard about when he was establishing Colab Creation’s Nottingham office.

He has also been able to put into practice some of the sessions he experienced during the workshops, particularly around staff mentoring.

Dan Lamoon at Lego Serious Play© | Photograph by Ellen Tobin

Support outcomes from The Big House and Elevator

  • Dan received mentoring with business specialists to access new insights and go through business plans
  • His sales process improved as a result of attending the Building Stronger Sales workshop. Dan is better able to connect with customers through his sales proposals and has found the template used in the session provides clarity. Dan estimates that his conversion rate has increased by 40%
  • Since attending a workshop on Lego Serious Play©, Dan incorporates Lego Serious Play© in his team building exercises, which helps him effectively problem solve with staff
  • Colab Creation will deliver part of Creating Content for Digital PR, alongside Impression Digital. Dan won this based on his sales proposal.

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