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Profile raised in key sectors based on learning how to create a robust digital marketing strategy
More publicity and engagement through learning about the power of brand story telling
Stronger social media presence from receiving expert advice on leading edge techniques
Ability to capture and share special moments by enhancing skills in smartphone photography

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CRZyBest launched in October 2017 and creates alternative bespoke bouquets, accessories and jewellery. The brainchild of Claire Zwozny-Bestwick, CRZyBest bouquets are created using silver and copper wire, Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and tiny handcrafted sculptures, made using precious metal clay in sterling silver, copper and bronze.

(Claire chose Swarovski crystals to include in her work over other brands as not only do they sparkle the most, but as a company Swarovski are leaders in their work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)

CRZyBest 'Tying the Nott' by Dave Fuller Photography

Going from a vision in June 2017 to launching on October 2nd 2017 and focusing predominantly on the wedding industry Claire has now grown a loyal following of businesses, suppliers, clients and customers who support CRZyBest through collaboration and commitment to her products.

With business support from The Big House, Claire has developed her knowledge and skills in a number of key areas including building a robust digital marketing strategy, telling her story in a compelling way, strengthening her social media presence and perfecting her photographic techniques.

Her first photo shoot in August 2018 was a massive success, where she was able to collaborate with other industry professionals including stylists, designers and photographers. Having images from this shoot appear in Rock n Roll Bride Magazine was a highlight towards the end of 2018.

CRZyBest Honey Bee Bouquet & Accessories Photo by FoyeTography

Another highlight since launching CRZyBest, apart from making creations for her clients, has been collaborating in a project with the Innovation Centre, Derby to create and develop a range of pieces through 3D scanning and 3D printing versions of her sculptures. She has already begun creating items of jewellery from the outcomes and is in the process of developing these sculptures to incorporate into her alternative bouquets.

Breaking from a deep-rooted tradition of floral arrangements by offering a product that gives people a choice away from the norm, is a value that CRZyBest holds close and has proved to be inspiring.

CRZyBest Honey Bee Bouquet Photo by FoyeTography

Offering the option of an alternative bouquet with accessories that challenges standard ideas and uses ethically and sustainably sourced materials whenever possible, has been embraced by people looking for something unique. This reflects both couples and individuals looking for something to echo todays changing planet. CRZyBest creations have so far travelled across the UK, America and the Far East and Claire has ambitions to reach other countries such as Japan and Russia by the end of this year!

CRZyBest 'Sweetie Bouquet' by Steph Butt Photography

She has built strong links within the industry in this country with the likes of Unconventional Wedding, LGBTQ Equality Weddings and local award-winning coordinators Honeysuckle & Castle. She also has plans in progress to develop her links overseas. She has established her online presence, creating her own website and an ever-growing loyal following on social media, as well as substantiating her physical presence at events.

Being invited to create a CRZyBest alternative bouquet for The Unconventional Wedding Festival in May 2019 is currently one of her biggest and most anticipated projects to date and invites exciting opportunities for the future.

And to cap it all, CRZyBest has been shortlisted in no less than three categories for The Big House, Mainframe Awards, taking place at Derby Quad on Thurs 11th April. Check out the details of the categories that Claire's been selected for here

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